Malta – Best Holiday Place for Scuba Diving

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Diver – the popular British edition devoted on a scuba diving, – has engaged Malta in number of three best directions for diving in 2015. The first places of a rating in which drawing up the 35-thousand audience of magazine has accepted, Charm-el-sheikh and Maldives have occupied. Thus, it is possible to name Malta capital of diving of the Mediterranean safely.

The scuba diving is very popular on Malta. The Maltese archipelago involves divers with the unique topographical structure, cleanliness of the coastal sea, and also rich underwater flora and fauna.

Skin-divers highly appreciate a local rocky relief of coast. In a coastal line of islands the set of steep rocks in which caves grasping spirit are concealed, crevices, grottoes, arches and tunnels is located. Will find interesting places in coastal waters and fans of probes of the sunk ships, informs the Maltese steering on tourism. Besides, about the Maltese islands practically there are no inflow. Undercurrents are extremely rare in the summer, and duration of light day – on the average 10 hours.

The Canary Islands is another key place for scuba diving. You will find a large range of marine wildlife here, from stingray’s, dolphins to turtles and sharks.

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All these advantages involve in coast of the Maltese archipelago more than 50 thousand divers annually. Besides, on Malta and Gozo there is a set of schools of a scuba diving where tourists can be trained in diving and receive the international certificate granting the right to independent immersing in any waters of the world.

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